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Post  Guest on Thu Dec 06, 2012 9:10 pm

Real Name (first name only): Eli

How old are you: 18 (I'm legal now <3)

How did you find our server? (e.g. YouTube, Referred, etc): Referral

In-Game Username: "Shwerfy"

Forum Username: Obviously "Superior"

Timezone(GMT +/- ?) & Country: -5

Are you active on the forums? Do you contribute towards the server?: I've never logged off

Do you play over the night?: It's currently 1AM

Average time you play a day: 1 Hour

How long have you been playing Primal-Age: 1 Hour

Explain why you should be staff. (Five sentences minimum, do not be repetitive):
I'm Shwerfy. I've been Owner, Co-owner, and Mod of servers. I'm Shwerfy. I can code in multiple languages, but only speak one. I play guitar. I'm making a song. I have an email address. I have a youtube account. I have a skype account. I know how to turn on a computer. I can drive.

Explain why you should be picked over others. (Five sentences minimum, do not be repetitive):
I'm Shwerfy. Eye wuv yu 5evar, lessthan3. This is sentence number 3. And this is number 4, one more until 5 whole sentences! I know how to code. Thats 5 sentences right? I don't know because I failed the third grade.

Tell us more about you. (Five sentences minimum, do not be repetitive):
All these damn rules and sentences.
>implying i'm going to let you stalk me
>implying I won't get mod
>implying I won't get admin
>implying I'm going code half your shit
>implying I'm going to code your website
>implying You're going to ban me
>implying this is going to get denied
>implying this is a sentence
>implying truth isn't butthurt
>implying your activation email isn't fucked up

stay safe
>2013 - 1
>not making Shwerfy the all mighty supreme overlord
>shiggy diggy

pls reponse


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